1.The study and the testing technique development of high voltage and high power equipments.
2.Study of performance improvement for electric equipments.
3.Study of electric Demand-side management.
4.Study of energy efficiency standards for energy-consuming equipment or appliances.
5.Study of energy efficiency improvement for energy-consuming equipment or appliances.
6.Investigation, survey and analysis of industrial pollution.
7.The characteristic research of electrical insulation materials.
8.The development of fault diagnosis of power system equipments.
9.The research and technique development of safety tests of electric appliances and IT products.

Testing and Inspection Services:
1. Routine and type test of high voltage equipment (transformers, PT, CT, circuit breakers, disconnecting switches, load breaker switches, fuse cutout switchgear, arresters, insulators, etc.)
2. Characteristic test and conformity test of air conditioners, freezers, electric appliances, IT products and audio-video products test of performance and safety for luminaries and ballasts.
3. The analysis of PCBs and dissolved gas in the transformer Oil and consulting services for cleanup and storage of toxic chemicals.
4. Test and analysis of industrial wastes including gases, liquids and solids.
5. In-service fault diagnosis of power equipments

The inspection and calibration of electric meters:
1. The inspection and calibration of electric meters and potential transformers (PT) and current transformers (CT).
2. Calibration of watt-hour meters, wattcmeters, potential transformers, and current transformers

Conformity test services:
1.Japan PSE mark and S Mark applications, conformity tests and the factory inspection.
2.The witness tests of electric instruments and equipments.

Heavy Industry Technology Professional Training Program:
TERTEC executed 「Heavy Industry Technology Professional Training Program Plan」 entrusted by Industrial Development Bureau Ministry of Economic Affairs.

International Cooperation:
Xian High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute
High power, high voltage tests
Wuhan High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute
High voltage tests
Fault diagnosis of electric equipments

High power, high voltage tests
Environmental Chemistry analysis

High power, high voltage tests
High voltage calibration

Conformity tests of electric appliances
PSE & S-Mark application and factory inspection